Monday, August 22, 2005

Another nifty thing to do with Flickr

magazine-image, originally uploaded by Lezzles.

Make your own Magazine Cover

PS. I lied about the "to do" list. I can do that because I am still on holiday.



Deborah said...

I found this magazine cover really funny and clever Lesley, maybe you should give up teaching and go in for the 'media' what a silly word.

Lesley said...

Thanks Deborah, but it was really very easy. I forgot to mention that the background photo is a boat I saw in the harbour in Kirkudbright: a place name that most non-Scots seem to find impossible to pronounce.

Deborah said...

Well that just proves my point, the photo was also brilliant!

You're right, I say Kirk Cud Bright even though I know it is completely different. Could you write it phonetically por favor

Rose said...

I like the idea of creating a magazine cover. I was able to upload a photo to flickr but the "magazine cover" tool is not accepting the url for the photo (says it does not look right). Did you have this problem too?

Deborah said...

asked my father about Kirkcudbright and he said
Ker coo bree

which then got us on to the subject of Magdalene (College), one in Cambridge as well which I didn't know, and also pronounced Maudlin.