Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Like a cat

I feel like a cat in one of those cruel sixties experiments you learn about in Psychology. You know, the cat that was placed on a tiny platform in the middle of a swimming pool and every time it went into a deep sleep its muscles relaxed and it fell into the pool.

For the past two nights, it feels as if every time I have entered that sleep phase, I have been awoken by a little voice shouting "I've been sick!" or "I'm going to be sick!", and last night, "I feel awful", "I've had a terrible, sob, nightmare" and then at 2.30 a.m. "Mummy, can you rub my brow?".

The cat was completely crazy by the end of the experiment.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Random thoughts on lecturing

  • A lecture theatre filled with a three or four hundred students is a scary thing to look up at from the podium.
  • A good PowerPoint presentation can look awesome on a gigantic screen. Unfortunately, tiny mistakes look correspondingly gigantic.
  • Next time, I'm using Prezi.
  • You cannot over-prepare and it's not a good idea to leave the "finishing touches" until an hour before the lecture because you'll have gone all skittery by that point.
  • Talking non-stop alone for an hour-and-a-half is actually very difficult. Who knew?
  • Today's students are really well equipped and seem to constantly be taking photographs of the slides (or maybe they just liked my outfit?)
  • They also record every single word you say and transcribe them later for distribution to class members who weren't present. Unfortunately, they even transcribe the feeble jokes.
  • You've got to be bit of a show-off to get any pleasure from this particular exercise in performance.
  • Although I have no plans to take up a stage career any time soon, I could get used to that warm feeling when they clap at the end, and the natural high that comes with the knowledge that it's all over and I managed not to trip and fall on my face or do the whole thing with my skirt tucked into my pants.