Monday, March 20, 2006

Multitask Breakdown

The post that went with that picture of the blossom got gobbled up somewhere. All I wanted to say was that everyone else was posting pics of spring blossom and I had to chip in with mine. Actually, it's not my blossom, the tree belongs to Sarah and Guy, and although this is the first day of spring, it's raining in Bordeaux.

Losing posts is what comes of trying to multitask in the early evening with two children crying out for printouts of Babar and Narnia colouring pages. I'm also trying to:

Find an cheap holiday in Morocco or maybe Tunisia (has anyone been to Hammamet or Jerba?)

Arrange alternative accommodation for a couple of classes because our usual classrooms are under student siege. I don't like dodging picket lines, but the medicine students aren't on strike.

Make pumpkin soup (the last of the year?)

Fit in a phone call to a friend in Edinburgh. Since I've had free hot running phone calls to almost the entire world, I don't seem to have phoned anyone.

Order flowers for Mother's Day on Sunday.

Get myself psychologically prepared for another mind-numbing session of exam marking.

And all of that while doing the eternal juggling with whites and coloureds, and the waltz of clean dishes out, dirty dishes in. And there isn't a single bottle of white wine in the house and P won't be home from work until tomorrow evening. Wail.....


heather said...

I went to Djerba last year - it's a very flat island and was quite windy then. It largely depends on what you want to do = the resort hotels are very well set up with pools, bars and restaurants - it's great for chilling out.

Lesley said...

Thanks Heather. I couldn't decide whether the island is spelt Djerba or Jerba. Here in France they spell it Djerba, but I've noticed Jerba on some English sites. Another mystery.
Don't fancy the wind, and yes all we want to do is relax......* closes eyes and imagines sound of water lapping on beach and lovely warm sun on her (wakes up with a start) pure white lardy thighs*

Jordan said...

Not sure if this guy can help with cheap travel plans, but if you want info on Tunisia he's the man to ask:

Léons Life said...

Lesley - No wine in the house, what went wrong ?

Deborah said...

Léons life : when I go and see Lesley I always drink it all up.

Lesley said...

Thanks Jordan.

Plenty of rouge Pauline, but no blanc. Just as well really, one glass soon becomes two.....

Deborah, you always bring much more than you consume!