Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Always read the eeny weeny tiny print

  • Arrive at conference centre to do an interpreting job
  • Plug Powerbook in
  • Oh joy, there's wifi!
  • Drat, it's an Orange network and you have to pay for it
  • 10€ for two hours, that's a bit steep
  • Work for an hour or so
  • Think it would be nice to check my e-mail
  • Work a bit more
  • Hands start shaking
  • Decide to cough up and buy the pass on line
  • Wait a minute! They send the password to your e-mail account
  • I can't get into my email until I'm connected
  • But look! There's another option for people with Orange mobiles
  • I've got an Orange mobile
  • It must be free for Orange customers
  • Try to log on. It doesn't work because I have a pay-as-you-go card
  • Brilliant idea. Ask colleague which network he uses
  • Orange! Would you mind, bla bla bla... Of course not...
  • He dials #125# and gets a password
  • I log in to the network with his password
  • Easy peasy
  • (I may have clicked something about accepting their "condition générales de vente")
  • (nobody actually reads those, do they?)
  • I stay connected for the entire afternoon
  • The following day I do exactly the same thing
  • The next day my colleague contacts me to tell me that Orange has charged him 121€
  • It turns out they were charging by the minute
  • Oooops
  • Today I gave him the cheque


David (TEFL Smiler) said...

Ouch! That's the thing about the super-duper new phones that can do all sorts of stuff - the phone companies always seem to forget to mention the cost of using them. But things should be changing soon. Yippee!

deborah said...

This is totally outrageous ... and in my neck of the woods have been struggling to fill in impots sur les revenus for the last three hours, you need somethig called Java for goodness sake, for the online stuff
maybe don't bother
My question of the week Lesley is :
Where is the entrance to the 'réserve de Bruges'? I keep going round in circles and never finding it! However often see herons.

Sarah Mackenzie said...

Not reading the small print brings to mind our "parking offence" in London last year. We had the car on a meter and would duly go out and pay up for our use of the spot in question. And it's not cheap. And then we saw the warden. AND a clamp firmly wrapped around our wheel. "But we've paid!" we wailed in unison "Ah, yes, but you were 'pumping the meter'" "What?" Turned out that you couldn't use the spot for over a certain amount of hours in any one day. "Where does it say that? and anyway what does it matter to anyone else as long as we are paying for it?" I asked. In answer to my first question "Here." And "here" it was in tiny tiny print. I'm sure it was never meant to be read. And in answer to my second question an empathetic shrug of the shoulders. And you know what is almost even more galling is that after we had stumped up a fine of about 150 pounds the law was changed the very next day. Now you can park as long as you like. Hmph. I still don't read the small print though.

deborah said...

You sometimes do understand why people feel like throwing their computers out of the window or killing traffic wardens ......
perhaps we could combine the two Sarah seeing as she must have known the law was about to change ..... (presumably a female)!
And I am trying to think of a way to punish Orange ... you wonder why they don't have a system which tells you on screen how much you are clocking up, every ten minutes or so.

Kim/Thomas said...

omg, i would have screamed!

that sucks, that just plain sucks!

booooooh orange