Sunday, August 06, 2006


A dozen dozy days in the Dordogne have temporarily (?) rendered me incapable of stringing together anything more than that pathetic attempt at alliteration. So instead of my usual penetrating prose, here is a mosaic of photos to conjure up those walnut trees, a bit of architectural detail, the assisted departure of our temperamental car, and an absolutely idyllic pizzeria that we stumbled upon in a miniscule village called Gabillou, a mysterious cat and a couple of potagers (vegetable gardens).


Sarolta said...

I enjoy your photos a lot, Lesley. You have an eye for detail and a feeling for creating ambience. Thanks for sharing.

BeefKing said...

I know that miniscule village to which you refer. Gabillou... there's a salvage yard there, full of mantelpieces and tomettes and nice wood building details.

You say they have pizza too? Drat, I missed it.

Sarah Mackenzie said...

I love the photos. They have that fecund, hazy, golden atmosphere that beckoned us away from the grey skies over the channel.

blueVicar said...


So many beautiful photographs and unusual observations. Fascinating!

I am touring around other expat websites looking at how my fellow "foreigners living abroad" are faring...and trying to find others who like to write about being in a different land as much as I do.

I would like to invite you to visit my website,"for people who like to write and read stories about living abroad. Readers can live Vicar-iously anywhere in the world, while writers learn to see more, write better, and live more fully."

I am an American living in Antibes...seems a long way from the Dordogne. Life here is now a hub-bub of tourists and vacationers...sand and flipflops...sunburns and rosé. Ahhh---the Riviera!

Meilleurs vœux!

Jonathan said...

Nice photos (as ever). I like the way you present them. How did you do that?

Elise said...

I was just looking to your fabulous pictures!
I'm French and I didn't know that my country was so beautiful! Thanks for opening my eyes lol

(sorry for my English....)

Deborah said...

Now we are all looking forward to some Scottish photos in the same format, all at once, it's perfect.