Wednesday, October 04, 2006


I absolutely love coincidences. I never tire of telling people about the time my friend S. was waiting at JFK and got talking to a bloke called Jeremy. He looked down at the address tag on her bag and said "Oh, Littletowninscotland ! I know someone from there." And it was me! He and I had met the summer before in France.

That summer I was working on a campsite with a girl called Carolyn. When Carolyn and Jeremy met they took one look at each other and cried out "But I know you!". They had shared a long conversation in a train carriage a few months before that on their way to interviews at Southampton University.

See, one guy, two coincidences. I love it.

That same summer, I met JB. We went out together for a while once I was back in Edinburgh and he was in Oxford.

Today, a bloke turned up at my workplace and asked to see me. "I don’t know if you remember me, but I used to share a house with JB". Wow.

But where’s the coincidence? I hear you cry. Well, wait. This guy had actually worked in my university department, the very place we were standing at that moment, just a year before I arrived there. He knew some of the people that I still work with. Please people be amazed. I’m finding it difficult to hold back on the exclamation marks here.

And it doesn’t stop there.

So what brings you back here? I asked.
Oh, I’ve been living in Eeenyweeenyteeenytinyvillage for a while now.
What Eeenyweeenyteeenytinyvillage! shrieked I. I know it well.
Turns out our very, very good friends are his neighbours in this village in the middle of nowhere.

Now tell me about your coincidences. I promise to shriek.


Ms Mac said...

See how small a world it is? Your conincidences are truly shriek-worthy! They are certainly more interesting than when somebody says, "Oh, you're Scottish? I went to Scotland once. Do you know Jim from Glasgow/Edinburgh?"

One day, Craig and I were at a bbq where we were talking to a bloke who asked where I came from. When I told him, he told me his mum grew up there and his mum went to the same school as my mum. It turns out he was the son of an old school friend of mum's. Only a couple of years earlier, we had gone and visited this bloke's parents when mum came out for her first visit to Australia.

Lesley said...


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely hilarious. I laughed right out loud. Have just recently discovered the blog thing and wish there were more time in the day to read about adventures in France.

Madame P

Nancy McKeand said...

It really is amazing! I had a friend years ago, and it didn't matter where in the world I went, if I mentioned his name, someone knew him! As a matter of fact, that still happens!

sarah said...

never read your blog before!
ok so coincidence for ya...

My dad is a drum teacher.
A pupil calls him to apologise for the delay in handing back a drum music book he had borrowed. The pupil asks my dad if he fancies meeting up in a pub for a pint and to give him the book back.

My dad goes to said pub, no sign of the pupil. Then, in walks another pupil my dad used to have.

"Hi!" says my dad,
"What are you doing here?"

"Well, says other pupil,
"I'm actually meeting Mr Johnston,a drum teacher. I have had this book he loaned me for ages now so we arranged to meet here for a drink"
Same pub
Same time
Same situation
But, get this
Same book.

deborah said...

I liked that!
exclamation mark to replace shriek

Lesley said...

Nancy:I really want to ask your friend's name because I'm sure that someone who reads this blog MUST know him.

Sarah: I can hear the music from the X-Files in the background to that one and I'm definitely shrieking.

Neil said...

I once went to a Scotland international at Hampden Park in the 80s and we WON! Then on Saturday I went to another one and WE WON AGAIN! Coincidence? If nothing else, it's DEFINITELY worth shrieking about!

Lesley said...
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Lesley said...

Neil, Believe me, I'm shrieking, I'm shrieking (despite the frosty atmosphere in this house).