Thursday, April 05, 2007

Think About It

I've almost finished The Girls, a novel about conjoined craniopagus twins. It's one of the many books that my Mum brought me when she came for a short stay last week. She had discussed this one at her reading group and although she enjoyed it, she felt that some of the detail wasn't quite right. Take this passage for example:
Our mother grunted and pushed.
From anus. To clitoris. Her tissue tore.
"I was once a midwife," she told the group, "and that just isn't possible. Think about it."

I am Mum, I am.


Antipodeesse said...

Ouch Lezzles, you have just cast somewhat of a pall over my sunny mood!!

I'll get you back though!

Neil said...

Didn't that happen in Grey's Anatomy?!?

Christina said...

Oh, it can happen alright...generally starts in the other direction if you know what I mean...scary, and not pleasant, but possible. (And repairable)

Lesley said...

Am beginning to think that anatomies may differ.

Anonymous said...

The female anatomy just a mystery to some readers, Lesley! They are too shy to take a mirror and see for themselves where the skin sometimes tears during birth of a chubby baby. On the other hand, as you say, perhaps they have a clitoris between the vagina and anus?

from anonymous (too shy to own up)

deborah said...

Over thirty years ago in Bordeaux my doctor gave me a graphic description of exactly where the skin might tear while giving birth. He proposed making a cut himself ... much easier to sew up afterwards he added.
(Episiotomie : Incision du périnée qui permet d’agrandir l’orifice vaginal pour éviter toute déchirure, pratiquée pour faciliter certaines accouchement).
The only painful bit for me was when they took the stiches out. Ouch

Lesley said...

Deborah: Thankfully they don't have to take the stitches out anymore, they just seem to dissolve. After I had Z, I crowed, in that state of euphoria, to the obstetrician, "And I didn"t even need an episiotomy!". "Aherm, yes you did." she said, and got out a big needle.

Lesley said...

Neil: That would be Dr Bailey's va-jay-jay?