Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Voicethread and Langoustines

I've just discovered Voicethread via Nancy and I think I like it.
Here's an audio version of a meme Wendz tagged me for a while ago.
Consider yourselves tagged.


Teuchter said...

How lovely to hear another Scottish voice.
Alas - I'm unable to inflict mine on you; am lacking appropriate technology.
Happy memories of langoustine, bought straight off the boat at La Trinite sur Mer in Brittany - and cooked on the campsite nearby.

Princesse Ecossaise said...

This is SO cool Lesley!!! I've just registered at voicethread.com...I'm very excited now (pathetic? yes I know :-p)!

Ms Mac said...

All these Scottish Accents! I am quite homesick.

I am unable to leave a voice comment because apparently I'm livig in the dark ages without a mic in my laptop.

But, my favourite Swiss food is Wurstkäse Salat, a cold salad made from lyoner sausage and emmenthal cheese, dressed with a creamy dressing. My favourite food in Scotland is an individual steak pie for a pub lunch.

Lesley said...

Teuchter: I worked on a campsite near la Trinité sur Mer once. It's a really beautiful little port and it's just a pity that Jean-Marie Le en comes from there.

Sarah: Oh yes, cold mackerel with vinegar.

Princesse: My brother does a wicked smoked salmon if you ever need a side or two ;-)

Msmac: I'd have loved to hear you do one of your wee rants into a microphone.
My Mum tells me they used to make big steak pies at home and then take them to the bakers to be put in the oven.

Wendz said...

Oh how cool is that voice thingy!

And your photo has me drooling - I LOVE langoustines - especially grilled like that.

deborah said...

By coincidence this is all the rage on you tube at the moment!

How to make Greek meat balls :


I remember the ecstacy when I first tasted Moussaka. ... and noticing the beauty of aubergines ...