Friday, September 05, 2008

I think I can feel a pulse!

Maybe it's time to resuscitate this blog - two posts in three months is a little shabby.

Where on earth did all that time go? I've been looking back at my twitters for those three months to refresh my memory and it seems that:
I took the children on a camping trip to Lacanau and discovered that I the ground is a hard place when you sleep on it.
I did a few interpreting jobs - one of them in a beautiful château in Sauternes, another in a recycling plant, one with Palestinians and Israelis, one with psychomocologists.
I went to Scotland twice - first to take Z for his first solo stay at Grandma's then for a two-week holiday with the rest of the family.
I spent two rainy weeks in the Dordogne.
I volunteered to create two web sites (before realising that I didn't know how to do that so resorted to making two blogs but cunningly disguised them as web sites).
I lusted and obsessed over an iPhone and finally got one in August.
And I took a few photos.

Summer 2008


materfamilias said...

Good to see you back. You've done some interesting things in your absence from us, and those are gorgeous photos!

Rosie said...

She lives..
Well you have done a lot so you have some excuses for non posting! I seem to have spent most of the summer waiting for the sun...I suppose it isnt going to come now, is it...

BeefKing said...

you couldnt possibly have gotten an iphone because it's widely known that there are none currently in stock nor with there ever will be.

I saw a poster ad at an orange shop in bordeaux which said (translated of course) "iphone: the phone we've all been waiting for." most are still waiting.

wait a minute.... did you get a white one?

Lesley said...

Materfamilias: I wish I'd been more diligent in documenting the summer.

Rosie: It's going to get better next week, or so I hear.

Beefking : No black, 16G and guess where I got it? Périgueux!

Claire said...

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Lucy said...

Well done you! Lovely photos.

Daniele said...

Hi :)
I read you'd like to share some dropbox invitations and... here I am!
Excuse me, but I couldn't find your e-mail anywhere on your blog.

Lesley said...

Daniele, I do still have invites but Dropbox is out of beta now and so you shouldn't need one.