Saturday, October 25, 2008

MsMac has awarded me the I *heart* your blog award. I know I don't deserve it because I've been a very irregular blogger for a long time now, but I'm chuffed. Oh, and all I have to do is this eeny weeny meemey thing.

Where is your mobile phone? recharging
Where is your significant other? on a ladder
Your hair colour? a bit like Jilly Cooper's (yeuch)
Your mother? homemaker extraordinaire
Your father? was wonderful
Your favourite thing? a glass of wine at the end of the day
Your dream last night? blank screen
Your dream goal? not to have any goals
The room you're in? study/guest room (madly tidying up for guest)
Your hobby? surfing
Your fear? failure
Where do you want to be in 6 years? France
Where were you last night? here, watching Taratata on TV
What you're not? mean
One of your wish-list items? new Macbook
Where you grew up? Penicuik
The last thing you did? tidy up (sigh)
What are you wearing? old clothes (better ones packed for hols)
Your TV? I think I can hear rugby noises
Your pets? I used to have a cat called Piseag but he's been dead for over 20 years
Your computer? yes, my computer
Your mood? mildly excited
Missing someone? not at the moment
Your car? clapped out
Something you're not wearing? my usual contacts (trying out bifocal contact lenses)
Favourite shop? antiquarian bookshops
Your summer? cool
Love someone? yes
Your favourite colour? blue
When is the last time you laughed? a few moments ago
Last time you cried? honestly can't remember

And I, in turn, nominate Box Elder, Belgianwaffle, and Neil because I love their blogs.

I'm off on my hols tomorrow but I'm going to try to put my iPhone to good use and send you a few photies while I'm away.


Anonymous said...

Hope you find free WiFi, as international roaming costs are incredible!

I once checked my email a few times over EDGE while abroad, and my students had sent me their essays. All those Word attachments really added up.

Lesley said...

Really? I had no idea. Perhaps updates will be very few and far between then!

Lucy said...

Thank you, I'll get on to it.

Have a lovely holiday. I never had you pegged as a surfer...

Neil said...

Aw shucks Lesley, thank you. But this doesn't mean I have to do the memememememe thing, right?

Anonymous said...

... don't forget, lucy, we are very near some fabulous surfing beaches down here. Lacanau and Le Porge to name a couple.

Le laquet said...

Have a great time

Anne said...

Oh, you are kind. Am working away on meme instead of going to bed.

Rosie said...

I want to know what happened with your bifocal lenses. How do they know which position to stay in?

Lesley said...

Engelsk : Mmm, yes, roaming was prohibitively expensive, hence the lack of updates.

Neil: Where's your homework?

Lucy : I was being deliberately misleading - I have never so much as touched a surfboard (I meant the other sort of surfing which I am extremely good at and practice diligently).

Rosie: Apparently they don't work that way - the two types of focus are mixed in together in concentric circles and somehow your brain manages to use only the bit it needs for whatever visual job is being done. To be honest, they're not really all that satisfactory but still better than wearing glasses.


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