Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Not a very original title, I know, but I really do wish you all the very best of new years.

I have a feeling that for me 2009 is going to be the year of the snippet. If I can, I'm going to post some little snippet here most days (I'm hedging my bets and anticipating my inconsistency already. That sentences originally read "I promise that I will post something here every day").

I was also tempted to make a rash resolution about taking some sort of exercise most days too. I started out quite well today with a bit of swimming, fencing, hammer throwing and athletics, some motor racing and a little light trampolining (oh all right, it was all on the new Wii, but that's still quite tiring for a lazy git like me). I'm not going to make any promises on that front but rest assured I'll keep you posted on any massive increase in my fitness level.

Anyway, today's snippet is a photo from last week in Scotland. This is Kirk Loch in Lochmaben at dusk.

We had a lovely Christmas week in Scotland, with lots of eating drinking and making merry, helped along by the fact that Britain is currently a veritable bargain basement for anyone with euros in their pocket. Long may it continue, I say.


materfamilias said...

Happy New Year to you as well -- it's started out well if that stunning photo is any indication.
Here's to snippets!

Lucy said...

It makes a change to hear someone enthusing about the exchange rate, we certainly aren't, though Tom's grandkids were pretty pleased with their 10 euro envelopes this year. It's an ill wind. Serves me right for hanging out with midering expats whose income stems from outside the eurozone, or indeed, for being one. Judging by the British tv ads, there certainly are some bargains to be had.

Snippets is good, and that photo's a lovely one. It's good to take a bit of time over a post sometimes too though. Either way, looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

A very happy New Year to you and yours, Lesley!

deborah said...

Happy New Year, Lesley

I much prefer snippets so I'm very happy about this resolution of yours. Anyone taking time over a post has me yawning in advance.

I read in the paper that when optimistic resolutions fall short it could trigger feelings of failure and inadequacy. My resolutions don't last long but always spend the rest of the year congratulating myself that they lasted at all!

You are on the right track as article added that the best idea for the New Year is 'Be active: excercise releases endorphins'. Sounds good. So here's to our resolutions!
chin chin

Lucie said...

Happy new year Lesley!
This photo is so beautiful, makes me want to go to Scotland (again) :-)