Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Putting my faffing around skills to work

For the rest of this week I'll be mostly running around like a chicken with its head cut off at Eurocall 2010. I'm chairing sessions and organising all of the social networking for the conference via Twitter, Facebook and Flickr and a blog. So finally my endless hours of faffing around on the internet have become workplace skills. Result!

I'm also giving a paper on Saturday morning on the presentation software Prezi (aka the PowerPoint killer) so I'm in the middle — yes, I stupidly left this until the very last minute — of preparing that. It's a great tool - here's one I made in June for the RLS conference in Stirling.


materfamilias said...

This must be the program I've seen in a few presentations this year -- so much more dynamic than PP.
This is finally going to be my year to integrate some bells and whistles, especially now that our budget has released a teeny-tiny bit of money so that we actually have one -- count 'em, one! -- classroom with a data projector in the English dept. (yes, you're right, the Business Faculty has them in each and every room -- how did you know?!)

Sounds like a cool day or two you'll be spending -- have fun!

Lesley said...

Sorry to say but I don't understand a word of that.
Generational thing I suppose.

BeefKing said...

you should read dilbert for the past week.... it's right up this post's alley

Lesley said...

Materfamilias - and I thought we were underequipped!

Lesley - it's not generational, I think some people - even tech-savvy people — just aren't interested in the social-networking thing.

Beefking - excellent!

Jonathan Wonham said...

Nice presentation. Interesting too.