Sunday, January 30, 2011

Project 365: January

I've managed to take a photograph every day in January. I know there's one day left but 31 is such an inconvenient number for making even-sided squares.
It hasn't been too difficult but I have occasionally forgotten until the very last minute hence the photographs of bedtime reading, and dirty dishes and tv screens. Other than that, there's a bit of everything, sausages and skulls, House (Dr.) and hearth, supermarkets and soup.
It's been fun, so I'm going to continue, and who knows perhaps there will be a little more sun in February.

(Individual photos are clickable. Isn't that clever?)


Ms Mac said...

That IS clever! I'll have to make note of that.

Lesley said...

I've just realised it isn't a square, it's a rectangle.

materfamilias said...

This is great -- such a varied representation of a months' worth of everyday life.
I'm impressed with the rectangle (I'd have called it a square as well, thought, on first impression) -- anytime I've made up a mosaic with this many photos, the border ones get chopped . . . did you just use Flickr? or is that kwout that does that?

Lesley said...

@materfamilias Kwout actually snips a bit out of the original Flickr page and keeps the live links. I'd downloaded the bookmarklet ages ago but just haven't used it very much.

materfamilias said...

thanks -- I've really got to practise a bit more with the mosaic thing.