Friday, March 11, 2011

Project 365: Feb+

I'm still taking a photo every day. I have sometimes only remembered when I'm in bed and then I just took a photograph of whatever was on my bedside table. And I did forget completely one day, but luckily I'd accidentally taken a short video with my phone so I was able to use a still from that.


nmj said...

Loved these, Lesley, my favourites the gorgeous shop with the green kettle, and, bizarrely, the dirty dishes. I hate doing dishes more than anything!

materfamilias said...

I love these glimpses of oh-so-varied daily life.

Jordan said...

I always love looking at these. I really must get a decent camera one of these days. (Actually, what I really mean is that I really must learn to take beautiful pictures one of these days, but for now chalking it up to the lack of a good camera makes me feel better about it. Heh.)

Lesley said...

@nmj I was surprised by how inviting those dirty dishes looked.

@materfamilias Yes, I thought it would be difficult to mix things up but everyday life is actually surprisingly varied.

@Jordan Most of these were actually taken with my iPhone so not so beautiful when seen close up, unfortunately.