Sunday, July 10, 2011

The non-Sartorialist

Do you read The Sartorialist blog? I do. I like the quirky clothes although I suspect that the photographs of women are more about the uniformly spindly body shape than the clothes. I particularly like the vintage photos that readers send in mostly of their grandparents or parents kicking back on holiday.

It's a bit splotchy, and probably not up to Sartorialist standards, but this is a photograph of my grandfather Thomas Long. At the time this photograph was taken, probably in the mid 1930s, he was working as a builder's labourer in and around Hamilton in Scotland. He would later own his own building contractor's business. I love the nonchalant pose and the effortless elegance just for a day out at the seaside.


materfamilias said...

I'd say this is definitely up to the Sartorialist's standards! Your grandfather not only looks elegant at the seaside, but there's something dynamic about his casual pose -- and is that a camera or its case beside him? I like that in the photo -- a bit of "meta". . .

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley, I've never seen this photo before.
Pamp looks casually elegant. His shoes are immaculately shiny.
Is there a touch of Robert D'Niro about him?
His hands are huge!

Dick said...

Even at the seaside, formal clothing, though. I have similar grandparental pictures, the men in ties and the women buttoned up to the neck.

Eva said...

I love that photo! He looks so dressed up yet effortless... true style!!!!!