Friday, December 02, 2011

Eye, eye.

For some reason my profile picture — the black and white eye — disappeared from the sidebar. It might have something to do with Blogger and Flickr hating each other, I don't know. I had to retrieve it from my hard disk and re-upload it. That was when I realised that it dates back to January 2005, when I first started blogging.

[On a side note, what should we call what I do now? It certainly isn't blogging because that would entail some semblance of regularity. It's more of a start-stop dribble now. Bli-bli-bbling might be a more appropriate term then.]

 January 2005 was nearly seven years ago. My eyes are a bit more crinkly round the edges now. That tell-tale line around my iris has also disappeared. I now wear glasses most of the time because; well because I'm ancient and contact lenses just weren't up to the job any more. In another seven years my profile photo may well feature a zimmer.


Nathan Lowell said...

I remember meeting you during that WebHeads seminar.

You've been in my feed reader ever since and I've enjoyed your bli-bli-blibbing ever since.


Lesley said...

Hi Nathan. And I seem to remember that you had a blog entitled Cognitive Dissonance. Seven years is nothing really, all things considered.

materfamilias said...

I've always found your profile pic intriguing, especially with the clever reflection in your iris, just enough to invite speculation about where you're seated.
I've been following your bli-bli-blibbing for a few years now, and it was such fun to get together and see Bordeaux and surrounds through your eye last year. Glad you've restored it on Blogger.

PinkPanthress said...

Funny, isn't it? -You start blogging, trying to convey what you think or feel on a regular base... and then you don't post that regular anymore.

I do the same, forget to post something until I get this urge to at least try to write more often. But it's like a wave, more then less then more and so on.

Greetings & have a nice weekend.