Saturday, January 24, 2015

10 years

Darnation. I missed the ten year anniversary of this blog on 19th January. It would admittedly have been a more momentous occasion if I had been actively blogging since then; as it is it feels more like celebrating my golden wedding anniversary with someone I left years ago.
I did mean to come back in January but blogging for me is all about the wee things and when massive things happen, like the Charlie Hebdo bloodbath and the subsequent terrorist attacks, it all gets a bit too much to deal with in a blog post. What could one say? Nothing that hadn't already been said.
We did speak with our feet of course. I went to a spontaneous rally on the evening of the first attack and the rest of the family marched with 160 000 other Bordeaux folk on the Sunday. I wasn't with them because I'd gone to the truffle festival in Sarlat. Truffles are pungent and earthy and delicious. I especially like them in omelettes. The following week I read an interview with Maryse Wolinski in which she talks about losing her husband, the cartoonist Georges Wolinski. She went to the fridge the day after the shooting and found his very last purchase — a truffle. I wept a little.
Anyway, thanks for sticking around (or at for least keeping the feed in your reader). Ten years eh! How much younger we all were then; how much younger our world seemed.

Photo from January 2005 (Z is now taller than me and E is almost there)


Ksam said...

Happy Blogiversary. I believe this year will mark 10 years for me too. I can't believe how small your wee ones look in that picture. Oh how things have changed since then, n'est-ce pas ??

materfamilias said...

Happy 10th! So glad you hung out in the same blogging corners as I did and that you sent that wonderful invitation 4 or 5 years ago, sharing your family, your home, your Bordeaux. . . .Reading about that truffle would have destroyed me...

auntiegwen said...

Happy bloggiversary, I was in Paris this week, wish I had stayed