Monday, October 17, 2005

An afternoon in the country

It's reinvigorating to get out of the city and be bombarded by the signs of changing seasons that seem to slink past us in town. The road from Bordeaux to Castillon-la-Bataille is absolutely beautiful at this time of year. The vines have turned a rich ochre and the air is laced with the smells of autumn — overripe grapes, mushrooms and earth. The sun shines on oblivious to the fact that summer is over; the landscape soaking up the unexpected warmth. We drive through quiet villages on our way to Montcaret and Sarah's house. For the first time I meet someone whose blog I have read and whose daily photos I have looked at and yes, I feel I know her and her family already. The children who know nothing of blogs, like children everywhere also seem to be on familiar terms and quickly get down to the important business of playing and giggling.
I think I need two lives really, one for the town and one for the country. One for dashing across town during Monday lunchtime rush-hour, coming down from the euphoria of a successful first class in one place just in time to start another in a different building with an altogether less receptive group of students and an all but empty stomach. And another life for making quince jelly in a country kitchen with the back door open to the smells of autumn.


Sarah Mackenzie said...

Ha ha, it's funny to be included in a blog! I love your descriptions of the feel and smell of the land, although, as city birds, we haven't quite got the quince jelly down... Yet! We did add all the rotting fruits to our compost bin though so next year we might just be ready.

You too are the first blogger that I have met solely through our respective blogs. The internet has made the world more villagey. I like that.

Your children are beautiful and Kepler fell in love with them. He was talking about them this very morning.

Have a nice day. You are always welcome in our house and we look forward to the next meet up.

Deborah said...

winsome ....

also made me think of the calendar girls

they posed naked in country kitchens after making quince jelly
'middle-aged women'

you aren't there yet Lesley

never saw the film though

Deborah said...

I'm getting DT's

Hurry up and write more.

Re country life have plenty of walnuts to give you from la propriété de famille when you bring the next lot of TLS