Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Six Feet Over

Bye bye Nate. Bye bye Claire. Bye bye Brenda. Bye bye David and Keith, Bye bye Ruth..... We've been practically living together for the past week and what a depressing, dysfunctional lot you are, although I loved you dearly. So now it's all over and I'm left wondering :

If I died and P. married someone else (Brenda) and then he suddenly died, would that other woman (Brenda) then become the sole legal guardian of my children?

Right, enough of that, let's move on (as my erstwhile TV friends would say), time to get back to a more reasonable schedule because watching TV series into the wee samll hours, several days in a row does not an on-the-ball teacher make.



Ms Mac said...

I loved the very last episode of SFU. I wasn;t so keen on how Keith met his maker though- too sad.

Lesley said...

Yes, poor Keith. Did you know there's an obituary for each character on the HBO site?

Ms Mac said...

No, I did not. I'll be chacking that out later today! :-)