Sunday, November 13, 2005

Weekend Googling

It sometimes feels as if my life could be summarised as a series of google searches. Here then, is my long weekend:

"zoo de la palmyre"
restaurant basque bordeaux
"fĂȘte d'anniversaire" enfant
chalet "pierre saint martin"

As you can see, we went to the zoo on Friday.
We didn't find the elusive Basque restaurant that P. had read about but couldn't remember in which magazine nor where the restaurant is nor what it's called. We ended up in a great Japanese place and had tepan yaki for the first time.
Started to panic at the idea of twelve four and five year-olds invading the house next week for Z's birthday party. How will we keep them happy and occupied for two-and-a-half hours and still prevent them from trashing the house?
Wondered if a weekend in the mountains sometime before Christmas might be nice.

What were your weekend google searches? (You'd be amazed at the number of people out there looking for the lyrics of "Hey Lolly Lolly" if my stats are to be believed.)



Antipodeesse said...

Lesley, there is an incredibly long list of party games here (, and I've used it for years for my kids' parties. Most of them simply use household stuff, no fancy accessories required, and there are many simple games for the little ones.

The ping-pong balls on a tray race is great, cutting balloons off a string while blindfolded also, pass the tennis ball between knees etc. Lots of fun & the time really goes quickly.

But, I must say, I do think you are slightly insane to have invited so many little ones!! Good luck girl!

Deborah said...

The number is irrelevant, five, ten, fifteen, twenty, they will trash the house anyway, just put things out of reach if poss.
Zach will be so pleased to have them all running about that you will feel it is worth it in the end. One or two good games is enough to make them feel they have had a fantastic day.
Yes, I did do searches on google this weekend. A girlfriend from Cananda sent me a 'wedding announcement' so I googled the fiancé's name plus home town (Kalamazoo in Michigan, yes sir, almost as good as Toctoucau in Gironde)
and I ended up with well over nineteen thousand links ....

Sarah Mackenzie said...

I'm still shocked by how much fun, as kids, we got out of pass the parcel ... I mean some scrunched up old paper and some kind of prize - which obviously didn't matter because I can't remember a single one of them. And why don't you conceive some sort of game whereby the kids do all the clearing up. And then patent it!

Have fun! Happy Birthday Zach!

Lesley said...

Antipo: thanks for the tip. That is some list!
Deborah: You know someone who lives in Kalamazoo? You must go there immediately.
Sarah: Yes, good idea, definitely pass the parcel. How long can Iwemake that last for, I wonder?