Thursday, February 02, 2006

The first hour

I’ve asked my class of student bloggers to post about a typical day in their lives and in a spirit of egalitarianism, I had intended to make my own contribution but it turned out to be excruciatingly boring. I’m going to inflict the first hour on you anyway.

The alarm invariably goes off at 7H10 and I invariably ignore it. I get up half an hour later and rush around making coffee and hot chocolate, showering, waking the children up, dragging them out of bed and into hastily selected clothes. I never know what to eat in the morning so I often leave the house with only a couple of cups of black coffee swilling around inside me. I stuff my PowerBook into my workbag.
We walk to nursery school. On a good day the children skip; on a bad day they demand to be carried, sometimes both of them at the same time. Today, Z told me he had had enough of working. I accompany them to their makeshift classrooms; the school is undergoing a prolonged facelift. Some of the other parents say “bonjour”, some don’t bother. I cheek kiss the few I know a bit better. The children slip into their daytime identities.
Then it’s off to the tram stop, unravelling my grubby i-Pod headphones as I go. I usually have time to listen to three or four tracks on the way in. Today, I only got one — an interminable Led Zep number. And this is where I get off.


deborah said...

you've caught the pigeon very well, hope you show the tortoise next time!

Léons Life said...

That sounds a lot like mine but just put the alarm at 06h30 and ACDC in the car at 08h30 as I drive to my office. Somewhere in between I've had time to make my packed lunch, make the beds, have coffee, say depeche toi to Leon at least a 100 times and make myself presentable !

Lesley said...

Deborah, I should have said that it wasn't actually my photo but one I nicked off flickr. I tried to link to it directly so that the photographer (apparently someone who is obsessed with trams etc and travels the world photographing them) got the credit, but it didn't work.

Pauline, I tried the packed lunch thing for a while but I'm just too disorganised to get it together for more than two days in a row.