Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I’ve been wallowing in blissful multiple-episode sessions of Grey’s Anatomy 3, Desperate Housewives 3 and Prison Break 1.

The good news for those of you who follow Grey’s Antomy is that Heather, the girl with the terrible scoliosis seems to be doing fine. I know this because I saw her snogging Edie’s nephew in the back of a car parked in Wisteria Lane.

I’m now waiting in eager anticipation for the episode where Bree discovers that Orson was once called Trey MacDougal and married to Charlotte in Sex and the City.

And as if that wasn’t mysterious enough it turns out that the English teacher in My So-Called Life is also Meredith’s father, and they tell me that he also has a secret life as the President’s brother in a sneaky actor change in Prison Break 2.

There’s something unsettling about all of this inter-series penetration if you ask me [and if you arrived here through a Google search for that specific phrase, hop it.]


BeefKing said...

How dare you. I haven't even reached the point where I knew that Heather had scoliosis. I never even met Heather. And now, now that I know she exists, that she had scoliosis, and that she's doing fine, life has suddenly been drained of its meaning.

O weary world! Not even canned television holds any further intrigue!

Neil said...

Get used to it... she does this spoiler stuff all the time. We're still on season 2 of Grey's here Lesley but I'll tell you this... if f'n Izzy is still going apesh#t over that f'n heart guy in season 3, I'll be even more mad than I am now. Please feel free to tell me that he dies soon.

Lesley said...

BK: I've got a post for you coming up soon

Neil: He dies soon.

Wendz said...

I skipped over the spoiler about Greys Anatomy...don't want to know thank you - I'll wait to see it...and haven't read the other comments either. Hah!