Thursday, March 22, 2007

Tweed Vocal Cords

I had a little post brewing on the ubiquity of characters with British accents in the American series I've been watching. I was going to cite Callum Blue who plays the cheeky cockney alcoholic in Dead Like Me and Roger Rees the new surgeon with a British accent in Grey's Anatomy (the one they're calling McAgra).
I was also going to tell you about how I thought for a long time that Susan's new bloke, Ian, in Desperate Housewives must be played by an American actor who was useless at British accents, until I looked him up on and discovered that his name is Dougray Scott and that he actually comes from Glenrothes and it all became clear — he's an English-accent-challenged Fifer. If you've ever been to Glenrothes, you will already have deduced that Dougray is not his given name, a boy just couldn't thrive there with a name like that.
I would also have mentioned Ashley Jensen the Scottish seamstress in Ugly Betty and how I worry now that when I speak to Americans they may be experiencing the same comprehension problems as her bitchy boss Wilhelmina.
But there's no point now since the BBC beat me to it with an article entitled Best of British. I could have gone to press just as quickly as them if I had teams of researchers doing all that tredious tv watching for me.


ViVi said...

I can't explain why, but I think the majority of us simply melt at the sound of a British accent. I've watched as Brits (and other Anglophone non-Americans) get mercilessly teased about their accents, but I think we're kind of like little boys on the playground - we tease because we love.

Plus Callum Blue is freakin' hot! ;)

Ms Mac said...

God, but Dougray Scott is about as boring as Glenrothes itself!

I read that thing on the BBC a couple of days ago (Yes, Lesley, where have you been?) and was amused by Stephen Fry's comment about a Brit (I loathe the way any English accent is called a British accent. Hello, Britain is made up of more than England- I have a British accent) accent makes Americans detect, "a brilliance that isn't there...." So true.

I only popped in to see if my internet connection would blow up. But it didn't. Phew!