Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The pictures on our walls

The pictures on our walls

These are the pictures that we have on our downstairs walls.

a) One of them is the original Alison Auldjo painting that I mentioned in a previous post. I bought it with money my Mum gave me for a big birthday.

b) One of them was given to me by a friend from Glasgow. He bought it in a shop in the posh Prince's Square shopping centre.

c) One of them is a very cheap print from a shop called Alinéa, France's answer to Ikea

d) One of them is an engraving bought in an antiques shop in the Dordogne a couple of summers ago.

e) One is a Picasso print given to me by a friend who stayed with us for a few days a couple of weeks after Z was born.

f) And one of them was a present from my parents when they came over to France to see me defend my thesis and get my PhD.

So which is which? Answers in the comments. Let's call them:
1 2 3
4 5 6


Lesley said...

Not quite sure why the comments weren't working yesterday but a couple of clever people left guesses on the previous post:

Sarah says:

a) is 4
b) is ... hmm ... trickier as I can't google that one ... I'm guessing 5 but I'll come back to it. NO ... I'm going for number 2
c) is 5
d) is 1 (I did think 6 but as 6 is the ONLY one that looks remotely Piccasso-ish I'm changing my mind)
that leaves
e) is 6
f) I think it's the boat - number 3. It looks happy and fun and hopefully it is going to reach the harbour! It strikes me as a perfect metaphor.

Deborah says

reminds me of a Picasso, but the rest are a mystery.

How about :

Number one bought in the Dordogne
No 2 given by your parents for your thesis which makes me want to weep because I remember that day. (however these two could be the other way round and the building might be in Glasgow and not Edinburgh)!
Number 3 Alinéa, a shop I like, but this was left over from my other guesses and Picasso often did daft things too (his tin pram for example)
4 AA
5 Glaswegian friend's offering

Neither of them are quite right.

Ms Mac said...

I reckon:

1 is the engraving from the Dordogne
2 is the pressie from your parents
3 is from Princes Square (my fave shopping centre in Glasgow, even though I could barely afford to have a coffee in there...)
4 is the Ikea-esque print
5 is the Alison Auldjo
6 is the Picasso print

I wish to also point out that I tried desperately to cheat and enlarge the image in your Flickr but you had it all sussed out. Pfft!

Actually, I just worked out another way to cheat but I can't be bothered wchanging my answers now. Like I said, I'm not very clever but I can lift heavy things.

beefking said...


Lesley said...

The answers were:

1.f) A picture of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh from my parents (I once worked in a Fruit & Flower shop just opposite this building, John Knox's House)
2.d) an engraving of a tree in the Fôret de Fontainebleau.
3.b) a present from Douglas who lives in Glasgow now but we went to primary school together in Penicuik. You can take the boy out of Penicuik.....
4.a) the Alison Auldjo. I bought this online and sent the link to my Mum. Before I had even received the painting my brother printed it out and framed it. I got a bit of a shock when I noticed it in his living room and thought for all of one minute that I'd bought some sort of mass-produced print.
5.c) the Alinéa print
6.e) the Picasso print. A present from Dominique. It's a drawing of a woman breastfeeding and I was doing a lot of that at the time.

So BeefKing wins with 4 points, Sarah gets silver with 3 points and Deborah and Ms Mac share a very honourable third place with 2 points. I owe you all a wee drink!

Sarah said...

But Lesleeeeey... he only won cos you helped him... it's not fairrrr

Anonymous said...

How do you reckon, Sarah?

It was either 4 or 6 for me. I knew the 4 for sure, the other two were straight guesses, either-or, and I guess I guessed wrong.

Still the victory tastes so sweet.

Jonathan said...

And Scottish fishing boats really do look like that when they come out of the water.

Anonymous said...

How strange and lovely to see my painting on someones wall! Thanks x

Lesley said...
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Lesley said...

I'm glad you saw it Alison. I love your painting even more now than when I first bought it eight years ago.