Sunday, May 13, 2007

Still Missing

Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann missing in Portugal. Have you seen her?
Please contact: +351 289 884 500, + 351 282 405 400, +351 218 641 000

Madeleine McCann desapareceu em Portugal. Tem informações sobre o seu paradeiro?
Por favor contacte: 289 884 500, 282 405 400, 218 641 000, 112

Click on the photo above if you'd like to stick this missing poster on your own blog. It's important not to forget.


deborah said...

This article probably won't stop you having nightmares, Lesley.

" ...Despite all the talk of stranger-danger, most child abuse is perpetrated from within the family. And children are far more at risk from falls from open windows or pushchairs where they are not strapped in - or from matches and lighters, medicines and chemicals, kettles and light flexes, broken glass or kitchen knives, or from choking on small toys, peanuts and marbles - than they are from sexual predators" ...

The leading article in the Independent is titled :
Wild theories and a warped sense of priorities

Lesley said...

Thanks for the link Deborah. I know that there are many other issues related to children that could be campaigned against and that this case has captured our sympathy because of her being pretty and her parents being middle-class and articulate, but there's just something simply unbearable about the thought of such a small girl experiencing such a nightmare.

deborah said...

Yes, you are right of course.

The 'buts' are not really the issues, only a massive irritation with the media and the way they cash in.