Friday, October 05, 2007

Digital Scan

I'm doing some research at the moment using a Google scan of a book. Luckily, this isn't a page I'm going to be quoting from! (I wonder where one gets those little-fingerless latex gloves.)
A Visit to Paris in 1814: Being a Review of the Moral, Political ... By John Scott: "
with his remarks good deal of the outwar and who may e to look a little be be wi to giv accompany this Visit will be asked to reflect a little on what is to be seen the previous loss of the sharp edge of their curiosity seems absolutely necessary to dispose them to attend to him with patience and well calculated enable them to follow him with advantage to be sure not to prove obscure or anyone but lie eliiefly calc J es on their ve seen o this re ed te will Compare Js there c of tb is wit foj "


Ms Mac said...

I'd imagine you'd get fingerless latex gloves from those shops I never frequent because I am a good girl.

BeefKing said...

How odd... I remember reading that google had developed a special page-turning book-scanning machine in order to achieve their goals. With literally millions of books to scan, it's enough of a job just loading up the books into the machine, never mind turning every page by hand...

And why, I wonder, did this lady decide to leave the finger-cott off her pinky?

deborah said...

Just buy some gloves and cut off the bits you don't want?

Just read a depressing book by Naipaul (An area of darkness). Wonder whether there is still a lot of human excrement everywhere in India or whether they use little spades now.

Lesley said...

Actually, I looked more closely at the full photo and it's not a glove but a couple of finger stools (or cotts). I worked in chemist's shop when I was a teenager and there was a big box of different sized finger stools under the counter. For a long time I thought they must be condoms.

Anonymous said...

Eeeuw! Deborah's talking about human excrement and you said stoolsfinger stools. Is that possible? Fingers can stool?

Incidentally, why are stools called stools. I feel you may know as you have your finger on the pulse of the medical world.

Hmm... What were you blogging about? Anyway enough about you except to say "YOU ARE FALLING BEHIND IN YOUR BLOGGING". So I am going to recommend a subject. Crocs (I know that you have a pair). Apparently they evoke a Marmite response in people. You either love them or pathologically hate them. Why does any care quite so much?

Or (another "poo" subject) you could blog about the overstretched nurses who told their suffering old patients to "go in the bed", because it was less time-consuming than helping them to the lavatory.

I have to say washing sheets is pretty time consuming.

Anyway, blog dear girl. I'm running out of things to read.

PS another funny link:

I can't remember my username and password or at least the correct combination. The fug may eventually clear – who knows.

Sarah Mackenzie

Anonymous said...

I wikied it. Have a look at the "Bristol Stool Scale".

Am I fluffy or lumpy?

Anonymous said...

Sorry – the link:

deborah said...

Hello Sarah Mac

Have just had a look at that Bristol stool scale and found it interesting, but not sure what use it is. Does one look in the loo and say, ah, well, today it is little lumps like a rabbit etc ...?

I agree, Lesley is often behind in her blogging, it is all that child care, work and husband etc. What are crocs by the way? Possibly shoes? I seem to remember a boot story from not long ago in your neck of the woods, I expect I am muddling everything up as usual (it is nearly one in the morning).

BeefKing said...

I have a good friend who is a doctor. When he was in medical school doing a gastroenterology roation, he told me, "I have learned that, as far as shit goes, there are two kinds of people: those who look, and those who don't." But since stool style is an important diagnosing tool, I guess they had to make a simple way for people to describe what they might otherwise feel uncomfortable about discussing. Saying "Mine is type 6" is a lot easier for some than saying "fluffly pieces with ragged edges."

For my part, I have printed out the Bristol Stool Form Scale, and will soon be mounting it on the wall across from the toilet. Purely for diagnostic purposes, you understand.

Lucy said...

You don't have to look to know when you're doing rabbit droppings...
Re your thinking the finger stools were condoms, you had fairly modest expectations then didn't you?
I was going to say buy ordinairy latex gloves and cut the fingers off too, but someone's already said it.
I don't have strong feelings about crocs, they look fairly practical for the beach, perhaps a bit silly elsewhere; a Dutch friend went into a Paris shoe shop and asked for them and got very short shrift.
Apparently there is a new 'sport' of 'beach walking, where you tog yourself up with crocs, and not one but two walking canes and stride sportively along the shoreline. This is set to replace the traditional activity of just going for a walk on the beach.