Thursday, October 25, 2007


So I should really be packing I suppose because I have a class tomorrow evening until 6.30 pm. and we have to get up at 4H00 the next morning if we're going to catch our plane in San Sebastian at 8H40. This is the cheapest way I could find of getting from here to Andalucia without spending 14 hours in a car. So if it all goes smoothly we should be in Granada before midday on Saturday. It looks as if the weather down there is pretty good; a lot warmer than here anyway, but just in case and since I don't like my skin to touch anything cooler than bathwater, we've taken a villa with a HEATED SWIMMING POOL!

Photos I might have taken this week if I hadn't forgotten my camera: the wonderful stained glass windows in the old chapel I was working in for a conference at in the university on Tuesday. This building is a ten-minute walk from my house and I had never been inside. The conference was in honour of Linnaeus - it's his 300th birthday. The following day I went to the inauguration of "L'Esplanade Linné" in the Botanic Gardens on the other side of the river. Had I had my camera, I would have been able to show you photos of the wonderful bust Lucie Geffré sculpted of the bewigged Swede.

In other news, swivel your eyes round to the right and you'll see that I've added a couple of things to the sidebar. A twitter box, so that you can share in my every thought as it happens and a box of interesting stuff which is really just anything that I come across in Google Reader and think others might like too.

And here's Z's latest rugby picture (we have rooms full of these). It depicts the haka before the match he enjoyed best during the Rugby World Cup. Click on the image to make it bigger, he put a lot of work into the All-Black detail.


spentrails said...

That's brilliant. The artistic flair is evident. I particularly like the spiky limbs on both teams.

Ms Mac said...

What a totally excellent picture!

Next thing you know there'll be a documentary crew round your house questioning Z's artistic integrity!

Deborah said...

Well done Z ... Lucie loves the Haka too. She watched it in a bar in Madrid full of French fans while Claire and I watched them on the big screen in Bordeaux.

I'm off to Burgos tomorrow at dawn, but back in the same day.

Bon voyage and enjoy that pool!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

Now that's what I call art! Z is truly gifted, I particularly love the gentleman furthest to the right with his dreadlocks. Too cool!

BeefKing said...

at my university there was a big statue of Linnaeus right in front of the main building. we used him as the continual landmark for our gettings-together.

as far as his taxonomic system, I'm increasingly sceptical, I have to say. Drawing boundaries between species and trying to trace lines where spirals and loops might be more appropriate... tricky business.

Z's art is really great. Did he draw it before or after NZ suffered their humiliating defeat?

Have fun in Spain!

Sarah said...

I knew that they were doing the Haka straightaway. it is a fantastic picture, Z. I hope that you enjoy the heated pool. It's cold and rainy in St Louis but who cares as we're going to be buying new laptops the moment Leopard is released and so will never see the light of day here anyway ;-)

Antipodeesse said...

Thank you Z, for helping me laugh away the pain of the All Blacks' humiliation!

Neil said...

Great picture but don't send it in to 'Vision On'. I did that once but it never appeared in the gallery so I was scarred for life and despised Tony Hart for evermore!