Friday, March 07, 2008


How evil are you?


Rosie said...

naoh I'm an angel too...and I'm supposed to be a bitch. I knew I should have ticked the serial killer box

BeefKing said...

I'm just "neutral". That makes me feel so nonplussed.

christina said...

Oh dear. Apparently I am "twisted". :-O

Sarah Mackenzie said...

Hee hee... I am GOOD!

Hmm, beefking... I think that you are trying to fool us with all this "neutral" nonsense. We know the truth.

Incidentally, Lesley, by choosing France rather than England as the country I most identify with I dropped a level and became merely "neutral" too. What's so evil about France? Apart from the foie gras, that is. I'm sure if Scotland were an option I would be angelic, wouldn't I?

A Taste Of Blighty said...

I'm "good".

How disappointing.