Tuesday, August 11, 2009

16.16 #1

16.16 #1, originally uploaded by Lezzles.

When we went to the Dordogne on holiday, I decided tht I would take a photograph every day at exactly 16H16 and post it to this blog. I stole this idea lock, stock and barrel from my friend Sarah who has been taking a photograph at 11H47 and posting them to her photo blog Eleven47 every day for years.

Unfortunately, it turned out that the Edge connection in our part of the Dordogne was just to weak for me to post anything more complicated than a tweet so I've saved them all up and I'll give them to you in instalments.

This first photograph is of the terrasse on one side of the house. We're lucky enough to be able to use the house next door to P's parents every summer so we're independent but close enough to eat together and the children can wander from one house to the other depending on where there's an open pot of Nutella. The house has this big terrasse which is actually the roof of the garage below, where we eat and watch the village go by - usually to the communal bins which are just across the road. I tend to spend a lot of time reading horizontally on the swing seat.


materfamilias said...

That's the kind of holiday I loved when my kids were still part of our vacation plans -- them free to wander back and forth to wherever the nearest jar of Nutella was -- perfectly put!

deborah said...

The first time I visited the Dordogne was in 1968 and I really was 'stunned' by the beauty of everything I saw. Connotations of the Brits etc have no meaning for me, I still think back to that first time and remember it as one of those amazing places on earth!

I love that idea of a photo at the same time every day. D's uncle, Jacques Lemarchand, wrote a diary for years and every morning put the day's temperature at the top of the page. Sometimes he left France for a quick trip abroad ... only to be discovered when you see a rather large temperature gap between one day and the next.

However my niece, who reads this blog, might be able to give more details as the diary will soon be published ... she could give it a plug thanks to you Lesley!

PS the word verification today is 'flaunt', what a coincidence!

Lesley said...

Deborah: That sounds like an interesting diary. I'm still surprised when people make fun of the idea of having a blog (What on earth do you find to write about? Where do you find the time? Why on earth do you think people will be interested in what you had for breakfast?) and I wonder if they would be as dismissive about somebody keeping a diary for all those years? Is it the making it public that makes the activity so open to mockery?

Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful exercise and one that I'm tempted to copy myself. How did you come to choose 4.15pm in particular?