Friday, August 14, 2009

16.16 #10 - 13

16:16 #10

On day 10, we were waiting for P's four aunts to arrive for crèpes and drinks on the terrasse. E. had put on her best skirt.

16:16 #11

These are P's golfing shoes. We'd been to the Domaine de Essendiéras in the morning and he'd done a bit of putting while E had a riding lesson. Most of the kids on the domaine are Dutch and E was the only French-speaker at the lesson but that didn't seem to phase her at all.

16:16 #12

Here we are visiting our friend Dominique and his family at their absolutely gorgeous village of stone gîtes, Le Hameau du Sentier des Sources, not far from Sarlat. We'd just had a delicious lunch of cou d'oie farci, which sounds a lot better in French than in English. All of the other photos really were taken at exactly 16.16 but this one was taken a little later because I was actually swimming up and down that pool at the allotted time.

16:16 #13

This is Zac in the garden of a little house that his grandparents rent out in Jaillac. We were there to take better photographs for the new, improved website that I'm trying to make them (link later).


materfamilias said...

My son is Zac as well (short for Zachary) -- just turned 24, my baby (altho' he just bought his first home, a condo, so perhaps is not a baby anymore . . . )

Dick said...

I can't cope with golf, but what a great pair of shoes!

Anne said...

Right, have just compared your holiday photos with mine. We are going to France next year.