Friday, August 06, 2010

Au supermarché

The Carrefour Market in Saint-Martial-d'Alabarède has a special section for British tourists. They seem to hanker after Coleman's mustard, mushy peas, and Vegemite.


deborah said...

Big mistake! I hanker after Marmite and Cadbury's milk chocolate! I can't believe mustard comes into it ... !

Lucy said...

The expat/tourist sections always have those really expensive packets of muesli (5th shelf up in your photo) which I've never seen anywhere else and which I can't imagine anyone ever thinks to hanker for. We have a small jar of Colman's mustard in the cupboard which has been there for ever, I use it occasionally but it never seems to get any emptier. The good thing about Dijon on the other hand is you can slather it on liberally and get all those nice free glasses.