Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Le Potager

Lots of tomatoes this year.


Anonymous said...

We've had so little sun this summer, our tomatoes will never ripen. Hope you have better luck.

Lucy said...

Is that where you live? What a beautiful place.

I bought an electrical air-dryer in the hopes of making (non-)sun-dried tomatoes when they were plentiful. However our own crop always got zapped by blight in the wet summers we had, and the cheap ones in the shops were good, but took so long to dry they must have been the most expensive product of their kind this side of Waitrose. Then Lidl started selling wonderful real sun-dried toms in oil for about a euro a jar, so there seemd little point.

You might get enough sun to do it for real where you are.

Lesley said...

Dedene: I think the sun they had in the Dordogne in July must have helped these ones along.

Lucy: No, not our garden, this is P's parents' place. The tomatoes are ripening more quickly than we can eat them, so perhaps a little sun drying would be a good idea.