Sunday, October 09, 2011

Displacement activity

As always when I have a charette as the French say (an urgent piece of work to do before an impending deadline) I find myself irresistibly attracted to the idea of a blog post.

Things on my mind:

I went to vote in the presidential primaries today and was knocked back. The cheek of it! (Apparently us furriners had to register online in July)

I'm reading Franzen's Freedom at the moment. It's very long and I don't don't really care about what happens to any of the protagonists to be honest.

I bought an iPad a couple of weeks ago at the Apple Store in Bordeaux (very sleek, very intimidating). I'm in love with the iPad of course, but so is the rest of the family, so a multi-user interface would have been a useful feature.

I'm going to Saint-Etienne at the end of next week and I'll be in Lyon on Saturday night. On my own. (Anyone live in Lyon? or Lyons if you're British ... very British).

I loved the last series of The Big C, and Weeds wasn't bad either. I can't be bothered watching Grey's Anatomy any more, or Dexter. House is still good though.



Lucy said...

Yep, nothing like having something else to do to make blogging look irresistible.

I've never read any Franzen but his sanctimonious anti-internet stance really annoys me, not least because he seems to think he's saying something deeply original and important that no one else has thought of. Now I'm even less inclined to read him.

I love the idea that anyone might still write it 'Lyons'. Does one then also pronounce the 's'? I went there once but no longer know anyone there, though I did at the time. There's an American foodie blogger there also called Lucy, but though her blog is attractive she never replied to any of my comments or returned a visit so I decided she was rude and don't read there any more. Can't remember what the blog was called.

Come to think you're probably back already so hope you had a nice time anyway.

deborah said...

Went into the mac store yesterday ... but only looked at the macbook air. Ever since I ruined my last mac with cider (oops) I have been longing to get another one. It is extremely thin but ready to be taken to bed ... must go back ...

The shop windows are huge so the heating costs as well as the rates(it is right by le Grand Theatre) must be enormous ... and as the lights seem to be on all night long (well must check at two in the morning sometime)you can probably see it from the moon.

But I'm still pining for an air book!

Lesley said...

Lucy, Yes, I think one should definitely pronounce the s! (I didn't spend the night in Lyon in the end, but stayed on in Saint-Etienne which was much lovelier than I had been led to believe it would be.)

Deborah, Go on, you know you deserve it! (I've got an Ipad now - very bed-friendly)