Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snapshots from my week

  • Driving to Fronsac: an endless ribbon of orange on the skyline seen through rows of grey poplar trees.
  • The arrivals and departures board at the station is computerized and silent now, no more clickclickclickclicking as trains move up the list.
  • In a brasserie in Paris I wonder at the tourist woman who eats a meal with her hat on, all the while avoiding eye contact with her hard-faced companion.
  • A conference of surgeons mills around during the coffee break; purposeful, grey and almost exclusively male. 


nmj said...

Fine snapshots indeed, a great idea! I'm wondering about the woman with the hat too. What kind of hat?

materfamilias said...

These are great, Lesley! I'm so sad about the departures board -- have they all been converted or might we get to hear them in one or two last stations.

Ms Mac said...

The clickclack of the departure board was lovely, wasn't it.

Clare said...

I can see the drive to Fronsac - lovely.

Oh the sound of the departure board. Used to love it.

Lesley said...

nmj: It was a tall woolly hat! She didn't take her coat off either.

mater: I forgot to look at the board in Montparnasse.

MsMac: I know. When I notice it had gone, I thought, how sad, the children will never know what it sounded like!

Clare: It was a very dull day but the skyline was lovely.

deborah said...

Is this blog grinding to a halt? We miss you Lesley!

Am looking forward to meeting materfamilias soon ... trust we can have some champagne in May while admiring no less than twenty one climbers ...

Lesley said...


Oh dear. I do periodically think, oh I should write something on my blog. Perhaps I will. Watch this space! And I'm looking forward to seeing your climbers!