Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Snapshots from my week.

A black cat coiled on a stone window ledge in the evening sun as I walk home from yoga.

On the walk to school, a stalk of something like ragged robin has taken root in a crack in the pavement: pale pink against grey concrete.

A gaggle of women in the too-hot garden: impossible to concentrate on any one of them.

A friendly thistle glimpsed in the park as I trundle past, again, and again.

Freewheeling past tourists on the Place Pey Berland, their heads buried in guidebooks. The wife reads the useless information out to her husband.

Home after midnight, we four settle briefly in deckchairs in the night cool of the garden.


materfamilias said...

I love these posts -- so evocative, your words. Thanks!

heather said...

yes, I like them too

nmj said...

Had to look up a photo of ragged robin, hadn't heard of it, gorgeous! Is it a wildflower? And I love that you noticed in during your busy week.

nmj said...

oops, meant noticed 'it', not in...