Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Flying Visit to Istanbul

When you buy a ticket with Turkish Airlines that involves a long layover in Istanbul, they put you up in a hotel. So here we are in Istanbul at the Hilton en route to San Francisco (baby)! No time to visit the Blue Mosque or any of the other Istanbuli sights but we're making the most of these plump pillows and lily-white sheets let me tell you. Not too mention the frosty air-conditioning which comes as a refreshing change after a long spell of torrid nights in Bordeaux. The accommodation we have lined up for the next three weeks may well not be up to our new standards.  See you on the other side! 


deborah said...

Still torrid in Bordeaux! Bon Voyage and I'm looking forward to the next update.

materfamilias said...

Sounds marvellous! You really know how to search out the travel options -- 'twould never occur to me to fly Bordeaux to SF by Turkish Airlines via Istanbul!
(too bad you won't make it just a few miles up to the coast -- okay, maybe (quite) a few hundred -- to say hello. We can wave, though ;-)

deborah said...

I met an American today, Frances ... he asked me if I had ever visited the States. I replied only for a day (over night in Miami). Then I said enthusiastically that I had been to Canada twice and he said 'Canada'? as though he had never heard of the place ... !
See you soon with Lesley and P to listen to their traveller's tales.