Saturday, July 30, 2005

Photos not taken

Back from ten dozy days in the Dordogne. I forgot to take the recharger for the camera battery but here are some of the photos I might have shown you:

A ruby red bottle of Pécharmant on the table of a little restuarant in Périgueux.

Magret brochettes on the barbecue.

Masses of basil and some purslane in the vegetable garden at Périgord Evasion

A gaggle of butterflies on various buddleia bushes dotted around the garden at Pomerède.

Z wobbling as he learns to ride his red bike with no stabilizers.

My legs in a horizontal position as I lie reading on the famous swing (more on the books in a later post perhaps).

Green walnuts as far as the eye can see.

And various conviviality pictures of people raising glasses and chatting during dinner.

The children running around outside in the moonlight.

Meanwhile....... We returned to the house expecting to find all work finished so we were somewhat surprised to discover that the rewiring is still at the evisceration stage upstairs, we have no hot water and the windows seem to be in the right places but some of them are unsealed. Here we go again.



Nancy McKeand said...

I loved the "pictures"! Sorry about your wiring, though!

Deborah said...

Thank god you are back, life was really boring without your stuff.

I'm looking forward to the real photos, but what a good wheeze for the students to have to imagine them ..... you'll be able to get them all drawing.

I liked your optimism re work in your house .... twenty years after the Portuguese workmen 'did up' the other side of our house the place nearly went on fire the other day as a wire was smoldering in the back stairs and a friend came to have a look .... he said whoever had done the wiring had put the different colour wires in all the wrong places and he can't find what joins up to what ....
I don't really mind as I like the man and am happy he comes back as often as possible ... pour le moment c'est le mystère du 'va et vient' now how do we say that in English? (you can switch on the light from two different places)

Keep an eye on those workmen, Lesley

enjoy the cold showers

came to looke

Ms Mac said...

Loved the chestnuts, will they one day be conkers? I can't tell from this angle.

Also, the horizontal leg reading position. Very relaxing!

Antipodeesse said...

Your words conjured up perfectly beautiful photos to me!
Many thanks for your oleander tip on my blog. Now I can add buddleia to my vocab too! I always knew the purple flowery thing in my garden was called that, but could never retrieve the correct name from my ageing memory banks.
Good luck with your builders....

Sarolta said...

I liked the pictures too, Lesley. I hope things will get better soon as regards work done on your house. Cheers.

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