Saturday, July 16, 2005


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The men are coming on Monday to change every single window in the house. So bye bye old wooden windows that require much banging and pushing and grunting to get open, hello new smooth, double-glazing.


Sarah Mackenzie said...

You have done a ton of work on your house. I hope you don't mind me asking your advice on shops in Bordeaux. I know where IKEA is (having skirted the periphery) but where could we get kitchen stuff - oven, fridge etc. Any ideas welcomed. Hope your windows are snug ;-)

Sarah Mackenzie said...

PS have you seen this blog? It is worth checking out

Lesley said...

Hi Sarah, Ah, the joys of house renovations in France. Just wait. For kitchen stuff, Darty is probably best (, they have a good range, they deliver and they (say they) have a good SAV (service après vente). There are lseveral of their stores all around Bordeaux. Boulanger is another possibility. If you like quirky tiles, fittings etc. L'Entrepôt Maritime at the Bassin à Flot is worth visiting although I haven't been for a while. For all the B&Q type things Castorma is reputed to be slightly cheaper than Leroy Merlin. Quite a few people from SW France seem to go to Spain for anything ceramic (toilets, tiles, sinks etc.) Résonances (at the Mériadeck shopping centre) has chic door knobs and handles and switches and that sort of thing. And of course we have a Habitat too.
I could (and probably will) spend hours on the postsecret blog. It reminds me of the ex-votos in French churches.

Sarah Mackenzie said...

Thanks, Lesley. It's hard to know where to even start when you move to a new place let alone a new country ;-)

We can't wait though. We are missing France - although I'm not sure that the French are missing us (bad relations over the London bombings and all.)