Thursday, January 05, 2006

Home Free

I love my ISP. Since 1st January for the usual monthly broadband fee, all of our telephone calls to Germany, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, Spain, USA, Ireland, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Singapore AND THE UK have been absolutely free. Oh, yes and I can watch TV on my PowerBook too.
Now all I have to do is find friends to phone in Australia and all Free has to do is sign up some decent television channels.



Jonathan said...

Sounds like a good deal. Do you know if you have to have a TV licence to watch TV on the internet? I imagine not...

deborah said...

I get a newsletter from free and just in case anyone thinks it is automatic if you have a freebox, be careful, here is what you must do:

Pour bénéficier de ces nouveaux tarifs, il est nécessaire de valider la
nouvelle grille tarifaire. Pour cela, rendez vous sur la page suivante (they give you a page) et identifiez-vous.
Puis cliquez sur le lien en bas de page: "Vous souhaitez adopter les
nouveaux tarifs (valables à partir du 1er Janvier 2006) pour le service
téléphonique optionnel Free Haut Débit Cliquer ici"
Après avoir pris connaissance des C.G.V., cochez la case et validez en
cliquant sur "étape 2".
La nouvelle grille tarifaire du service de téléphonie Freebox prend effet à
compter du 1er jour du mois de validation. Ainsi si vous validez la nouvelle
grille tarifaire le 26 janvier, toutes les communications passés depuis le
1er janvier seront soumises à celle-ci. Autre exemple, si vous validez la
nouvelle grille tarifaire le 10 février, toutes les communications passés
depuis le 1er février seront soumises à la nouvelle grille tarifaire.

My nephew asked me how he can get the newsletter from free as he has a freebox, I have tried to find the link but have had no luck.

BeefKing said...

I just wonder how much of your avaiable bandwidth the TV and phone devour while they're on. I've seen little asterisked notices to that effect, but without any sort of numbers in them.

...And I have some friends in Australia you can call if you like. Or heck, just call any diving center in Cairns and tell them I wish I were there.

Lesley said...

Jonathan: I'm pretty sure you don't need a TV licence to watch TV on the computer.

Deborah: Have you phoned Thomas in China yet? I tried all day yesterday to agree to those "conditions générales de vente" but the server keeps having internal errors: probably because everyone else is trying to do it too.

BeefKing: I never read the fine print but I haven't noticed any slowing down. I must try watching TV, phoning and surfing at the same time and see what happens.

Ms Mac said...

Oh, not Switzerland then? Oh well....

Léons Life said...

I am so very jealous. We are with Cegetel and they are RUBBISH !