Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Twenty O Six

A very, very happy new year to you all.

I'd like to begin 2006 with a question and an apology. Is anyone else getting an ugly pop-up when they open my page? Even with the Firefox pop-up blocker 0n? Where does it come from? What can I do to get rid of it? Why me? And sorry if this has been bugging you.

The picture above is of me walking through a dark corridor lined with inflated rubber gloves last week. Very symbolic n'est-ce pas?



Neil said...

Nope, no pop-ups when I open your page. That picture looks like one of those images a psychiatrist would flash in front of you and then ask what it is you see. I won't tell you what I thought at first!

deborah said...

Happy New Year, Lesley
and despite opening Peregrinations a hundred and fifty times give or take a few over this festive season, ne'er an ugly pop-up.

I'm trying to find the symbolism in the picture ....

LĂ©ons Life said...

No pop-ups here near Paris either.

A healthy and happy New Year to you.

Lesley said...

Oh well looks as if I'm the only one getting the pop-ups (advert for an online casino by the way). I wonder why.
Deborah: I'm not sure what it's symbolic of either maybe "life is a long, dark corridor full of rubber gloves," or "they're all out to get their rubber hands on me" or "going into the new year is like walking through a pink tunnel of latex gloves" or perhaps something closer to Neil's freudian (an no doubt profoundly disturbing) interpretation.

heather said...

no popups here and happy new year to you. I love that photograph.

Antipodeesse said...

No pop-ups dearie, perhaps you're hallucinating!

Digbeth D'Marriotti said...

I'm sorry but that picture looks really, really like goatse.

Unexpected pop-ups often means you've picked up a bit of spyware.

I'm from Kilmacolm!


Lesley said...

Diggy: I don't know whether to say "thanks" or "pervert". Ah, Kilmacolm, that explain it.