Tuesday, June 06, 2006

"I was born too late to a world that doesn't care"

Wouldn’t it be lovely to live in a little stone house with a deep purple clematis growing around the front door? (This is where we stayed over the weekend — the last of the three-day weekends, sigh)

I can't stop humming Sandi Thom's "I wish I was a punk rocker (with flowers in my hair)"

What exactly does schadenfreude mean? I came across the word in an article in Vogue this weekend. How could I drop it into conversation?

Had my first ever Skype conversation this evening with my old friend Roddy in Ireland. I know, I know it’s so 2005, but it’s new to me and I like it. (It's lezzlesg by the way)

Must remember never to try to cram music, play park, physiotherapist and doctor’s appointments in between nursery and dinner ever, ever again. It can only end in screaming.

Deborah sent me a newspaper cutting today. Sentence I most closely identified with:
Apparently, by the time most babies are weaned they are sucking at least as much Chardonnay out of the local mammary glands as they are milk, as Mummy desperately attempts to re-irrigate the desiccated husk of her post-natal life.

Update on the wifi débâcle: Orange have reimbursed half of the 120€ which is better than a kick in the teeth, I suppose.

Things I ate over the weekend: ragoût d'asperges, framboisier, delicious soupe de fèves, macarons from the market in Sarlat, purée de carottes made from the sweetest carrots ever, leftover foie gras.....

Gifts I was given over the weekend: a Nespresso coffee machine. It's great.


Ms Mac said...

I adore my Nespresso machine- en guete!

I wish I had never ever heard the Sandi Thom song. Although now she's got a bit of controversy surrounding her, I suspect she'll be as pervasive as that awful James Blunt character.

Schadenfreude is taking pleasure in other people's misfortune, a malicious joy, if you will. I am sure that you're far too nice to ever have experienced shadenfreude. I however, am not.

Lesley said...

Oh, you are clever Ms Mac. Is schadenfreude the sort of word you pepper your Swiss-German conversations with?

I think the James Blunt thing must inlcude a subliminal hypnotic message because my children adore it and stop playing to listen.

And on a more practical note, where do you buy your Nespresso capsules?

Ms Mac said...

I buy all my Nespresso accessoires online. An excellent service. With a delivery of 200 capsules or more you get free delivery within 48 hours. In an emergency there is a Nespresso shop in Zürich, which obviously is no use to you. I don't think you can buy the capsules anywhere else which is why the online service is so good.

By the way, it's been so long since I ordered any capsules, I had no idea that my one true love would appear right in front of me on the Nespresso site. I have to go and lie down now.

Léons Life said...

I too have an Nespresso machine and as Ms Mac says George does a very efficient delivery service.

deborah said...

I'll be going through some schadenfreude every time the English f team lose matches in Germany ...

and what about doppelgänger ........ any chance of ever slipping that into the conversation!

PS no desire to live in little stone house plus clematis but tremendous urge to retire to a barge and ply the Canal du Midi now that 60th birthday in sight ..... well at least give it a go!

Lesley said...

There’s been something wrong with Blogger and I haven’t been able to comment on my own frigging blog for hours.

Ms Mac: Am now a card-carrying member of the Nespresso club. All hail our handsome leader.

Pauline: Obviously all of the best people Nespresso machine owners.

Deborah: What I will experience if England lose is not schadenfreude but whatever they call glee in German.
Sarah's sister has just bought a boat. Have a look at it here: http://eleven47.com/blog/archives/004155.html I’ll look forward to Tariquet on the deck.

Ms Mac said...

Glee = Die Fröhlichkeit

To squeal with glee = vor Freude quieken

David Beckham is a hornbag! = David Beckham ist so geil!

Deborah said...

Had a look at the barge, and very nice it is too! I'd just like to rent to start off with just to experiment. The sister must know what it is like to live on one as all the family seem to have boats. Not cheap I suppose.