Monday, June 19, 2006

Weekend Mosaic

The weekend involved
  • an exhibition of the children's "work" at nursery school
  • ten wains running up and down the stairs squealing, blowing bubbles in the garden and scattering toys and crisps throughout the house, all in celebration of E's fourth birthday
  • a village fête in the Dordogne.


deborah said...

like those two middle photos

Anonymous said...

Wow.. all these artificial colours, e numbers etc, gets the kids running around on the ceiling eh. Best thing at a party, feed other folks kids on them and send them home... light the blue touch paper and stand clear!!!

Lesley said...

What do you mean artificial colours and e numbers. I made those marshmallows myself with only the purest organic ingredients.

Léons Life said...

Best thing about those parties is when it's over and you can sit down and have a gin.... yes quite exhausting.

Mrs Independent said...

ahh sounds exhausting - all our birthday parties are done now for another year thank goodness!

deborah said...

speaking of e content and standing clear, the above was on Neil's blog .... from same web site as How to eat a Jaffa cake from another of your co bloggers.

My exhausting weekend consisted of sitting in fron of computer and reading bbc sport updates, constantly checking on the American golf Open, hoping Monty would at last win a major and then suffering the great anti-climax of his mess-up at the 18th. Oh well, better luck next year.

Sarah Mackenzie said...

Sounds like the party was just the kind of sugared up party event that K would LOVE to have attended. In my day it was egg sandwiches, cheese and sausages on sticks and fairy cakes sprinkled with hundreds and thousands. I can taste it now. Heaven. By the way we are going to have a party for K when we get back so I will let you know and you can unleash your kids all over again on someone else's time ;-)

Lesley said...

Pauline: the parents stayed until midnight and much beer/gin/wine was drunk

Mrs Independent: That's it over for another six months.

Deborah: How did I manage not to know that it was golfing tournament season?

Sarah: Fun on the horizon!