Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Let's talk about you for a change

  1. On average, 25 of you come here every day.
  2. You usually stay for just over a minute.
  3. 26% of you are from the UK, 26% from France and 25% from the USA (and 4% are from Switzerland: you know who you are!)
  4. Only 1.03% of you use Polish as a default language surprise surprise (65% of you speak English, 26% speak French)
  5. The majority of you are using Windows XP, 24% use Mac OSX
  6. Your browser of choice is Internet Explorer 6 (44%)
  7. 11 of you subscribe to this blog via Bloglines
  8. A selection of the search terms that have brought you here over the past couple of days:
  • I was born too late to a world that doesn't care" (Dozens of you are looking for that. How on earth did I come to be number one for that particular google search?)
  • Cummy (needless to say you didn't stay long)
  • panaris infection
  • how to use the word nevertheless
  • √©crire sa biographie
  • richard armour money poem (who is Richard Armour?)
  • sopranos quotes empire state building history postage stamp (eat your hearts out because I'm first for that too)
  • prunus blossom
(Stats are from sitemeter, idea nicked from teacher dude.)


Ms Mac said...

Only 25? But I must be at least 24 of those.

teacher dude said...

I'm glad you found the idea interesting. It's a bit scary knowing that all our info is so available, though.

David (TEFL Smiler) said...

I forgot to update my RSS feed of your blog, and I've just received this on your old blog: What's that all about?

Lesley said...

Ms Mac: 25 is pretty pathetic isn't it?

Teacher Dude: The thing that freaks me out most are those porn ads that include the name of the town you live in eg. Hot sexy young girls looking for partners in T'ville. The only consolation is that the trackers don't seem to be able to tell what your sexuality is (yet).

David: That's interesting. I deleted the old blog last night. I can only think that some splogger keeps an eye out for deleted blogs (how?) and takes them over as soon as the name is given up. I really regret deleting it now. I should just have left it blank.

David (TEFL Smiler) said...

I'd contact Blogger if I was you. I'm sure they'll delete it for you. Just make sure you use the same e-mail address as previously.

Lesley said...

david: I've e-mailed them saying I was quite content to blast my old address to smithereens but I'm not too keen on unsavoury splogs squatting there. Will keep you posted.

deborah said...

I presume it is mostly the same commentators who are drawn back to your blog like flies (flies?)
Recently been following the Times man and the same tedious fellow makes endless tedious comments every post, groan. In the end you just don't want to comment so as not to be in there with a bore. The journalist must feel quite murderous sometimes and would like to say Go away you fool.
One of the minus sides of having a blog?