Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Drippy Dordogne

Is there anything more dispiriting when you're on holiday than relentless rain pounding on the window for days on end ? Dampness invests the whole house with the smell of wet dogs and half-dried clothes. Through another downpour, we gaze longingly at the garden furniture, massive raindrops stotting off the white plastic. The lime tree which is usually a great provider of just the right amount of dappled shade becomes a bedraggled umbrella and its innumerous hues of green turn to uniform kahki. The merguez that were meant to be cooked and eaten outdoors just aren't the same when consumed straight from the frying pan in the fugg of a cold kitchen. Meanwhile, the children start to show signs of cabin fever. Luxurious long-lies turn into simple reluctance to get out of bed to face another day of half-hearted card games.
After one more dismal weather forecast, we decide to come home early.


Sandi said...

Hi Lesley, I just stumbled across you blog. Had a similar vacation once only we were camping. Once everything was totally soaked and we gave up and rented a cabin, the sun came out--whatever. Sounds like fab vacation anyway.

SusieJ said...

That's too bad. Seems like rain is ruining everyone's parade.

Sarah Mackenzie said...

Nothing better than a holiday at home. You have everything you need to hand. Books to read TV to catch up on. Children can amuse themselves... can they? Well if they can't you can lock them in their room.

PS The holiday photos looked great. Where was the rain there?