Monday, August 13, 2007

Scotland this Summer

Scotland this Summer

Just dropping in to water the garden and do some washing on our way back from Scotland and on to the Dordogne. The highlights of the holiday so far:

Best Gardens: Threave near Castle Douglas.

Best Building: Scottish Parliament Building in Edinburgh.

Best Exhibition: "Consider the Lilies" in Kirkcudbright. (We didn't make it to the Picasso or Andy Warhol in Edinburgh.)

Best find: Kilos and kilos of chanterelle mushrooms.

Best Walk: Rockcliffe to Kippford.

Best Book: Kate Atkinson's One Good Turn

Best sporting event: Putting on the green in Moffat

Most unusual architecture: Samyi Ling Buddhist Temple at Eskdalemuir

Most misleading sign: "Families Welcome" outside a pub. This actually meant that the seedy bar was full of teenage mothers surrounded pushchairs.

Worst meal: Maxie's Bistro in Edinburgh. Dire.

Worst experience on coming home: having lost the ticket for the car park, closely followed by "popping" on the scales.

Best thing in the pile of post: My mini moo stickers. What should I do with them?


Deborah said...

How bored I was, how bored ...

Welcome back, Lesley

I love the photo of the gate at Rockliffe.

The best book I read was Ann Tyler's 'Digging to America'
and the best restaurant : the club house at the Golf de Teynac on the way to St Emilion. Absolutely Fabulous view and uncomplicated, inexpensive grub as well as a witty and friendly 'patron' and charming waiter. I'm in a hurry to go back, I've even suggested caddying for my brother.

Neil said...

The Andy Warhol thing... you missed absolutely nothing, honest!

andy said...

Still chuckling at "Families Welcome"


Lucy said...

Sounds great - families welcome made me laugh too!
That's a lovely mosaic.

Jonathan said...

Crumbs, I didn't realise buddhist monks had web sites.

How... worldly.