Sunday, August 26, 2007

Looking on the bright side

  • We spent no sleepless nights tossing and turning in the heat.
  • We didn't have to get the fans down from the attic.
  • Little time was wasted carrying food and dishes to and from the garden.
  • The parasol will see another year.
  • No saliva was wasted on having to repeat "Put your hat back on" ad nauseum.
  • I have an unopened bottle of Factor 50.
  • We didn't have to close the shutters at 8.30 a.m. every day.
  • I experienced mercifully few "Do my arms look flabby in this?" dilemmas.
  • Only half of the grass in the garden turned yellow.
  • This lack of tan will never fade.
It's actually very hot and sunny today, as it was yesterday, but it can't last, mark my words.....


Sarah Mackenzie said...

I'm lying in bed. Wine with lunch and temperatures over 30 degrees render me useless.

We're actually praying for global warming and more rain.

It's a long term project, but we bought our house with the hope that one fine day it would be rather less than 1 and a half hours from the beach.

Another ninety years?

Oh, well better ease up on the wine, start on that new neolithic diet and slather on the factor 50 to have any chance at all of surviving long enough to enjoy the waves lapping around our verandah.

Jonathan said...

Idyllic really...

meredic said...

Has it rained in the Dordogne? I went to Dorset and it was bloomin hot!

Princesse Ecossaise said...

It's slightly unnerving when the weather is better in Glasgow than in France...

Trust me to wait for the swap of good weather before moving to France permanently.