Thursday, March 03, 2005


I've finally got round to adding a Furl list to the sidebar (look to the right, it's towards the bottom somewhere). I have been happily furling web pages for a few weeks now and hadn't quite realised what a heteroclitic collection I had accumulated. Some of the archived pages are articles on subjects on which I'm currently collecting information for future articles (scientific biography and Alison Cunningham), others link to tools that might be useful for translation purposes (I do some simultaneous interpreting), and others to web sites that might be useful in my teaching. I can see that this might become addictive. I could easily let the archived pages pile up out of control into an unreadable heap. A friend at work today told me about his mother who lives in a house that has fifteen tables in the living room, piles and piles of newspapers everywhere, junk from jumble sales covering every available surface and cats stumbling from one feeding station to the next gobbling up morsels of pig's kidney. Oh well, at least my furl archive doesn't actually take up any physical space and it doesn't need feeding either (not until they make it a paying service that is).

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