Saturday, March 05, 2005


I thought I'd write a post on blogging about blogging and how it's all right for perhaps eight weeks or so (is it already eight weeks since I started the EVO weblogging course?) and in an anticipated moment of real insight I was going to point out that the exercise becomes a little stale and circular after that (probably well before that). I thought I'd be clever and instead of entitling the post "Blogging about Blogging" decided I'd call it "Metablogging" which I quickly googled to find out whether or not I'd just coined a new word and maybe even a whole new philosophical concept. It turns out, as you no doubt already know (in fact the chances are that you have already blogged about it yourself) that there are thousands and thousands of blog posts on metablogging. This, I suppose, is really just blogging about blogging about blogging. As I sifted through all those google hits it quickly became clear that a lot of the old hands at blogging are a little impatient with this recurrent introspection. Here for example is Alexander Payne on the subject: "Can I just say that if I want to know why you blog that I’ll go to your “about” page, which you should have so I don’t have to read daily why you blog? And that if you’re frequently writing about why you blog that it becomes abundantly clear that you blog because you have too much free time?" I can see his point, imagine if all novels were about writing a novel, or all television programmes about making television programmes. Although to be fair (to myself) my own metablogging wasn't so much about why I blog as about how I blog (added this feature, tried blogging with this browser, changed this and that). So my resolution is stop metablogging and start some real contentblogging (mmm, let me just google that).


Anonymous said...

I'll gladly read your posts, no matter what they are about, Lesley! Just keep writing!
Nancy | Homepage | 03.05.05 - 6:47 pm | #

Anonymous said...

Yes...I enjoyed this post. Keep writing!
Aaron Campbell | Homepage | 03.05.05 - 9:06 pm | #

Anonymous said...

hi lesley,
i love your incisive wit and cogent expositions. i have sincerely enjoyed my visit -- selina
undiscussable realms | Homepage | 03.06.05 - 7:30 am | #

Lesley said...
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Anonymous said...

You're right, Lesley, we need to focus on content. We need to find our voice. Moving from metablogging to blogging content is far from being easy. Keep on searching and posting. You're not alone. Kind regards.
Sarolta | Homepage | 03.06.05 - 2:14 pm | #

Anonymous said...

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