Friday, September 02, 2005

False Pretences

I spent yesterday evening wandering around Bergerac looking for a place to eat and wondering where all of the English people had come from. There were noisy families with kids on all of the café terraces, couples aimlessly pushing buggies around the old town, old biddies collapsed on stone benches, young couples looking at restaurant menus and beer bellies queuing for baguette sandwiches. Then it dawned on me: low cost flights from Stansted to Bergerac. Ryanair has a lot to answer for.

I wonder how many hits the last couple of sentences will lead to. I feel a little guilty about the Google search that seems to bring most people to this site. It is "w*ords per m*inute t*est". I've added the asterisks so as not to disappoint even more budding secretaries. I imagine their dismay when they end up on this drivelling blog site instead of the efficient gauge of dactylographical skills they were looking for. Needless to say, they don't hang around for long.

On the drivel front, it seems that the academic year has started. The children have just finished their FIRST week of nursery which has been a great success ie. we managed to get them there on time every day. No seriously, they both had a great time and no tears. I went into work for the FIRST time to prepare for my FIRST class on Monday morning (almost tears). I've done my FIRST interpreting job since the holiday, hence the unfettered visit to Bergerac. And I've made my FIRST list of resolutions for the new year. Bring it on, I'm ready.



Sarah Mackenzie said...

Hey you! Don't knock the flights to Bergerac. We'll be on those you know ;-) And soon I hope. So your kids like school. I'm glad, in an albeit very self-interested way, because I'm hoping (if Kepler can start late) that he will settle in easily too. You do New Year resolutions? In September? At all? That's why you have a job and I don't.

Happy Monday ;-)

PS you don't come up as Pessac you show as Bordeaux if that makes you feel any better.

Deborah said...

Enjoyed that description of the English in Bergerac. I identified immediately with 'old biddies collapsed on stone benches'
I once saw a very funny film about a group of French people who go to England to follow their football team. Anybody out there know what it was called? Just like Lesley trying to remember the books she has read .... all I can remember is that their mascot was a cock. And this must be at least twenty years ago.

Lesley said...

Glad to know I'm in Bx not Pessac sur Dordogne which will soon be nearer you than me, anyway. And of course you'll soon meld into the crowd of natives Bergeracois, and avoid the day-trippers from Stansted like the proverbial peste ;-))

It must have been "Allez France" with Robert Dhéry. (P. came up with the actor's name)