Wednesday, September 14, 2005



1) your little boy had sobbed his heart out and clung to you like a koala would you have left him at the kids' club anyway?

2) your Powerbook had been dispatched on Saturday, wouldn't you expect to be cuddling up with it by now?

3) you were putting a drier in the garage, would you get the sort that pumps damp air out into the garage or one that costs more but condensates that moist air?

4) you had watched twelve episodes of Six Feet Under over three evenings, would you expect to be in a slightly morbid state of mind for the rest of the week?

5) overnight, your pink i-pod mini suddenly became yesterday's big thing, would you feel totally untrendy in every compartment of your life?

6) a bloggers' apéritif was being planned in the town where you live, would you be tempted to go along, even if you didn't know anyone?



Ms Mac said...

I know exactly how you feel about the iPod!!! Still we can be safe in the knowledge that our lovely pink iPod will soon be considered vintage!

Love Six Feet Under! And I'd be very tempted to go to the drinkies!

Antipodeesse said...

You must go to the apéro! It'll be such fun, especially if you do your homework and read the bloggers' blogs beforehand!

Deborah said...

1) yes, they stop crying a soon as Mother leaves the scene
2) Postal service too unreliable to count on that
3) the one that pumps moist air, the atmosphere in most houses far too dry and it'll be good for the furniture (any in the garage?)
4) Don't have TV but considering the go at humour in the title presume not altogether too morbid ....
5) Who cares about trends?
6) Not very tempting but useful however as a blogging subject for the next day .....

Sarolta said...

As a mother of two I find September difficult. When school starts children need more attention. I remember the days when my boys were sobbing and I had to go to work.
Deborah is right, they stop crying as soon as mom leaves, but then this is what they are expected to do in front of their mates and teachers. But parting from our children is never simple in our hearts and I understand this is what your first comment is about. Best wishes.